Cheap SEO Packages

The word cheap or affordable gets you all excited doesn’t it? It is nearly 2020 and SEO is still a marketing practice that creates a flurry of divided opinions and viewpoints. This article sheds light on cheap SEO plans and the companies that boast them. Hopefully by the end, you will be equipped to avoid the affordable SEO trap.

Some believe investing large marketing budgets in SEO to be unnecessary, even wasteful. Other marketers disagree and find search engine optimization a necessity their company cannot afford to skimp on. The SEO debate can leave your head spinning and is alive and well in the industry. Seasoned digital marketers know the right answer, but many small businesses don’t have these employees to lean on for guidance.

Fact: Very few would argue against SEO. SEO has never been as important in history as it is today. To survive in today’s competitive online marketplace, SEO techniques are not going anywhere and are the foundation of success.

So why all the fuss about SEO? The case is clear, I need SEO!

It isn’t quite that simple. The answer comes down to execution. Is your business investing in good SEO services that are strategically executed?

The types of SEO services that exist are vast and everyone claims to be an SEO expert. How do you really know who is an expert and who is an amateur? Are you able to distinguish between safe, powerful SEO that will create long term winning results? Or are your investing in cheap SEO that looks good on the outside and even better for your budget?

Let’s investigate the reasons why your business should avoid cheap SEO packages or companies who make promises of getting your website to the top of Google fast.


Benefits of SEO | Why SEO Matters

As business owners and marketers, we cannot fail to understand the importance of SEO. We know that SEO is the best digital marketing technique to scale online traffic.

Although the practice is most effective, it is also the most challenging to successfully execute. Search engine marketing is constantly changing as search engines like Google strive to verify and recommend only the most trusted sites. In competitive industries brands are fighting for online market share and SEO strategies are the best way to accomplish the coveted page 1 Google search engine ranking.

The businesses that can identify the best SEO companies that provide quality SEO will be the winner’s in securing high Google page ranking. A website with a high search engine ranking will always win over the competition.

Just as SEM (search engine marketing) is constantly changing, so is customer behavior. With the explosive growth of the worldwide web, so have the number and behaviors of those using the web. Consumers from all age groups are more likely to investigate, educate, source, compare and purchase products and services online. The internet has given consumers easy-to-use tools to educate and compare purchasing options with great ease.

Statistics indicate that more than 3.5 billion searches are conducted each day on Google equating to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide! It means that any brand that ranks on page 1 Google search results, with their targeted keywords and phrases, will be discovered by their ideal customer or client. The websites on page One will reap the benefits of educating, informing and offering solutions for the pain points of potential customers. These sites get the first chance to build long-term, trusting relationships with their ideal buyer.


Why You Should Avoid ‘Cheap’, ‘Fast’ or ‘Affordable’ SEO Services

With the above knowledge, one cannot question if high-quality SEO is relevant in the digital age.avoid_cheap_seo_packages

In 2019, tech-savvy millennials now account for over 60% of all online purchases. This demographic will continue to dominate. Millennials are known for their independence of researching products and services as well as developing their own content. They do life in a very digital way and develop tight digital communities.

Again, this leads us back to proper execution. Executing a comprehensive SEO strategy is the key to capitalizing on current search engine trends. What does that mean for you a business owner or marketer? It means that investing in customized, safe, powerful SEO services is the ONLY way to come out on top. Attempting to cut corners and reduce costs by putting money into cheap SEO companies that offer one-size-fits-all packages is a sure-fire way to go nowhere or worse downward spiral.

Reasons to avoid cheap, fast or affordable SEO agencies.


1. Bad Backlinks Will Not Rank Your Site

At one time, building as many links as possible regardless of niche and relevance was a solid SEO strategy. The businesses that got the most links directing to their website were rewarded with high placement on organic search results. It also meant business websites didn’t have to produce engaging content or continue to build links.

However, Google algorithms have gotten smarter and high-quality links are now rewarded over quantity. Masses of low-quality, spammy links can now harm your website’s online performance. While affordable SEO providers seem to offer similar SEO services as more skilled SEO experts, they are often still providing outdated unnatural SEO techniques. Anyone can obtain multitudes of worthless links, but it takes time and expertise to build powerful links that last.

Investing in these services places your brand at high risk of getting a Google penalty. When Google penalizes your site, your site will no longer be able to rank of page 1 of Google search engine results. Google will bury your website ensuring traffic does not visit. We have never seen a penalized website rank higher than page 3. Page 3 equals zero traffic.

If the SEO firm you have invested your digital marketing budget and trust in is guaranteeing you a large quantity of links each month, you are most likely working with an agency that cannot deliver the search engine results your site deserves.

Recap: Using cheap, fast or affordable SEO strategies will likely result in poor quality or spammy links and poorly written content posted on cheap sites with little to no authority to build your brand. This is a waste of financial investment, time and increasing the possibility of a Google penalty creating an expensive SEO nightmare.

A Google penalty will automatically result in your website being buried in the organic search results taking traffic to a standstill. Removing a Google penalty is more costly than investing in quality, safe, natural SEO in the first place.


2. Basic SEO Requirements Missing with Cheap SEO packages

Basic website SEO has two main SEO elements. They are SEO-friendly content that is high-quality and niche relevant, and high-authority backlinks. Creating high-quality content and powerful backlinks are extremely capital and labor intensive. These 2 basic requirements take a large portion of your SEO budget.

With this in mind, even the typical marketing strategies offered by affordable SEO packages will not be able to deliver what your business website needs to contend with the competition. Fast SEO? It can come inexpensive as well, but any SEO specialist whom offers a promise of ranking quickly is most likely using techniques that will put your website at risk of a Google penalty. Companies that offer cheap, fast or affordable SEO services lack the resources and capital to create quality content for your website or for guest posting on high authority websites.

High-quality content is different than click-bait content. This content is also referred to as long-form content and serves the purpose of being very informative and educational. Writing informative SEO-friendly content requires a skill set and time investment that affordable SEO agencies traditionally don’t have.

Cheap SEO companies, missing the necessary SEO tools and resources, are left creating low-quality content and poor, spammy links. Articles are often taken from existing online content and run through what is known in the industry as an article spinner or article re-writer. These article spinners can spit out new content but typically without proper grammar or structure.

Using article spinners put your business site and your brand at risk causing serious harm to the message and reputation of your website with potential customers and clients.

Aside from poorly written content, lack of time and resources often translates into an abundance or cheap, spammy links with little value. Minimal funding equals little time or resources dedicated to your company.


3. One Size Does Not Fit All | Customized SEO

Affordable SEO packages are easy to find. Websites offering these packages typically display the SEO pricing and a breakdown of what the package contains.

While everyone loves to know exactly what they are getting, a package a package available for instant purchase should be a huge red flag to the most experienced marketers. A seasoned marketer knows that no two business are alike and winning solutions must always be customized to the needs, pain points and goals of each individual business.

Taking into account multiple variables and factors such as the competitiveness of your business industry, your website’s current SEO standings and your budget, a custom package should be crafted specifically to meet your needs.

Reputable SEO companies will take the time to understand the structure of your business and how it operates online. Knowing whether the business operates locally or nationally as strategies vary depending on these answers.

Your SEO pro will understand how in-demand your product or service is, what your company objectives are and have the ability to identify strategies that will achieve these objectives.

The best SEO companies can take the facts and goals at hand and translate them into successful SEO campaigns. The expense of investing in an expert will ultimately translate into an ROI that keeps creating revenue long after you stop paying.

Providers that ask these types of questions are also likely to deliver a far more effective service, and recognizing this can help you to make an informed decision.

On the other hand, cheap SEO solutions are typically focused on quantity which in layman’s terms means a large number of clients to ensure they make a profit. This large volume of clients, paying low prices, means they have little interest in your business.

Recap: Look for a SEO provider that asks questions, delving deep into understanding the structure and goals of your business.

4. You Cannot Hold Cheap SEO Firms Accountable

We have already learned that cheap SEO companies need a large number of clients to turn a profit themselves. Due to their own business model, they don’t have the time to create lasting business relationships.

Let us take this a step further. With this business model, cheap SEO requires many clients and many clients means no time to establish relationships. In this business model, that doesn’t matter. By the time a business gets frustrated with their SEO company, the company already has acquired plenty of new business. Under this business model, the SEO agency has little fear of leaving their client with sub-par service and losing the client as a long-term customer.

In fact, by the time you’ve become frustrated with their service and sought to terminate the relationship, they will have already secured new clients and will be all too happy to cease contact.

The cheap SEO model goes against the traditional business relationship, where both parties strive to create a trusted long-term relationship that value both parties.

Quick Tip: Receive a generic email from a local SEO company? Most likely the company has sent the same email to each company in its database.


5. Cheap SEO Services Can’t Deliver a Long-term Strategy

Powerful, natural SEO delivers long-term solutions, but it does not happen overnight. Winning SEO solutions take time to grow, but pay off with incredible results long after the financial investment stops.

An expert SEO specialist will be able to map out a time frame to expect positive results within. To achieve these results your expert will analyze your current SEO standings, your goals and the competitiveness of your industry niche.

Typically, the earliest stages of an SEO campaign take the most financial investment with little immediate payoff. Working with a trusted SEO company, that comes highly recommended, is important to ease any worries early on in the process.

The best SEO agencies will be able to increase your organic search rankings in the short-term, but depending on your business niche, a page One Google search engine ranking for your most coveted keywords will take time.

Recap: Being awarded a Page 1 ranking in Google is reserved for those businesses who engage in safe, powerful SEO that values quality over quantity. This takes longer to achieve, but the reward is much greater and long-lasting.


Cheap SEO | Recap

It is easy to understand the draw of cheap SEO. The current economic client demands that businesses balance value vs. cost. This goes in contrast to good SEO. As we learned, the best SEO is naturally derived and takes time and financial investment. However once in place, it delivers an unbeatable ROI. It is the initial time vs. money that businesses frequently get hung up on.

On the flip side, cheap SEO services may deliver some immediate search ranking results, but they often stagnate and come to a standstill; never ranking for your money keywords.

Recap: The best SEO should never be cheap. Cheap SEO will never deliver high-quality content, authoritative links or long-term results. You can take that to the bank.

The best choice a business can make is to invest in an expert. The best SEO experts are highly-skilled to create winning solutions just for your business. They will ultimately pay for themselves. Our Sacramento SEO Experts have years of experience creating powerful keyword strategies to rank local and rank national businesses. We will launch the right traffic to your website and the traffic will convert with ease. Contact us for a free proposal or call the Badasses of California SEO now at (916) 426-6718

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