Law Firm SEO Tips

If you are the partner or office manager at a legal practice and you’re seeking ways to attract new clients, you’ll need to become a SEO expert or consider hiring a law firm seo agency. After all, a whopping 97% of people start their search for local businesses online, and legal counsel is no exception. But if you haven’t already established an SEO strategy for your law firm, it can be challenging to know where to start.  

First, a brief background on SEO: Search engines like Google crawl webpages (like yours) and index them to help web users find what they’re looking for. When someone searches for a term (also known as a “keyword,” such as “divorce lawyers near me”), they’re essentially asking Google to retrieve results from a massive database of indexed websites. If the searcher’s keywords match with those that appear on your website, your site will come up in the results page.  

Yet, it’s not as simple as throwing a bunch of keywords up on your law firm’s website. Search crawlers operate using a different language: HTML. You must cater to this language, designing your website with organically placed keywords, headings, and other strategic tactics. This is better known as search engine optimization, or SEO. It’s the best tool modern businesses have for attracting new clientele.  

For anyone new to the practice, however, SEO can be daunting. Here, we’ve compiled a list of beginner-friendly tips to help you become a law firm search engine marketing pro.  


1. Ranking Keywords 

The first step to becoming an SEO strategist is to understand which keywords your target audience would search for to find your business. In other words, you’ll need to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. While this requires a bit of guesswork, keyword planning tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can help you determine which words or phrases are searched for most often – also known as keyword volume. Knowing the competitive keywords for you business niche is the key to successfully ranking and being found by your ideal client.


2. Competitive Marketing Analysis

It’s simple for a law firm seo expert to target the law firm keywords that are searched for most frequently, but you’ll also need to size up your competition. If there are big competitors in your area who have already established a solid law firm SEO strategy, you may have a difficult time ranking well (a.k.a., showing up on the first page of Google results) with popular keywords. To that end, it actually makes sense to implement slightly-less popular keywords, such as “family attorney [+ your zip code]” over “divorce lawyer near me.” Of course, this will require some market research and numbers-crunching.  


3. Webpage Optimization

Once you’ve got a list of legal keywords you think your law firm might perform well with, it’s time to optimize your webpage accordingly. Incorporate them into your headers (using H1 and H2 text), meta data, and webpage copy. Don’t forget to include them in your Google business listings, Facebook profile, or any other platforms where your legal practice has an account. Once your web presence is optimized, you can begin publishing SEO-rich legal blogs regularly, too. Just be sure to avoid “stuffing” your content with keywords – web crawlers are now intelligent enough to detect when keywords are overused or forced into copy. This approach can actually work against you, as search engines like Google use advanced algorithms to detect these practices and may actually classify your site as spam! 

Becoming a law firm SEO strategist clearly requires an investment of time – and most legal professionals don’t have a lot to spare. If you’re seeking ways to attract new clientele for your practice, allow the law firm SEO experts from Outrankify to help. Our Sacramento law firm SEO Experts have years of experience creating powerful keyword strategies to rank local and rank national businesses. We will launch the right traffic to your website and the traffic will convert with ease.  Learn more about our SEO services here, get a free proposal or call the Badasses of California SEO now at (916) 426-6718