Thumbnail Image

Image thumbnails for Google mobile search results now appear almost 45% of the time. Google has been increasing the amount of image thumbnails for queries made through mobile devices these past few years. It seems that this occasion is now more prevalent than ever. In over the past 2 years the amount of image thumbnails for mobile queries have surged from 1% to 45%.

Google has been testing thumbnail images for years, and it seems that it approves of these inclusions as the search engine has increased the amount of these images. As a result, image thumbnails are actually an excellent SEO tool as it has a higher click-through rate than query results that don’t show any image.


Importance of Image Thumbnails

The carousel feature in Google Plus Local result pages puts the former Google Places Results into a scrolling carousel at the top of the SERP. It’s also because of this change that you need to consider the thumbnail image for your business. The former Google Places Results displayed the phone number, name, address, map and URL of your business on the right-hand part of the SERP. Logos, images and other thumbnails were displayed only when a user visits the Google Plus page.

The carousel layout doesn’t display any of the features shown in the previous layout. There’s no address, phone number or direct link to the website. The only details shown in the carousel layout are the business name, image thumbnail, and reviews. This is why you need to carefully consider your thumbnail. Your selected thumbnail will influence the first impression a user has about your business. It is also likely your best chance to increase your click-through rate. If you don’t set up your thumbnail, a default image will appear. This will significantly lower your odds of attracting new customers through the carousel. By not optimizing your Google Plus Local, you’re showing users that your page is not well attended. This reduces the online presence of your website.

You should have an eye-catching image thumbnail that accurately represents your business. If the thumbnail doesn’t entice users to click on your result, they will likely never see your business page. Remember that the SERPs change when users click on a Google Plus Local result. The SERPs move to websites that pertain to the results the user clicked on. A thumbnail image has a significant effect on your visibility. Adding a thumbnail is easy, so don’t neglect this task. Choose a thumbnail that will immediately get the attention of your target audience and properly represent your business. This will increase the credibility as well as the click-through rate of your website. When this happens, your ROI will also improve.

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