While word-of-mouth referrals were once a primary method for driving business to local dentists, the majority of prospective patients now take to the web to find their new oral care practice. For this reason, mastering SEO for dentists has become the very strategy that sets top-performing practices apart from the rest. After all, up to 97% of people look for local services online, and dental-related web searches have shot up nearly 400% in recent years. Is your dental practice’s website optimized for SEO? Learn the basics about how to get noticed online with this beginner-friendly guide.

Basic SEO Principles

If you’re new to SEO, here’s a brief overview of how it works. A patient will search for a dentist-related keyword or phrase, such as “cosmetic dentistry near me.” Search engines like Google crawl webpages like yours to determine which are the best fit to match with this search. If the webpage ranks well, it will appear higher in the results. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that it appears as high as possible in results when local web users search for keywords or phrases relevant to your dental practice.

The Top SEO Keywords for Dentist

Of course, in order to optimize your webpages, you must first know which keywords your target audience is actually using to find businesses like yours. Some of this is commonsense; if you’re a pediatric dentist, for instance, local web users might search for “kids’ dentist in [your town/city].” That’s the easy part, however – there are many more factors to consider, including the keyword’s search volume and its competition.

Choosing Keywords That Will Help You Rank Well

Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner classify the competition of keywords as high, medium, and low. It also lists how many monthly searches are performed for the keyword on average. This is where things get a bit tricky. Focusing on keywords that have high competition may make it difficult for your dental office’s website to rank well. Since there are many other practices with an established SEO strategy, it could take your practice a while to outperform these competitors. Yet, choosing keywords with too little competition likely means there are very few locals searching for these keywords. Hitting the sweet spot and finding the keywords or phrases that your dental practices could actually perform well with will require a fair amount of research and numbers-crunching.

Optimizing Your Dentistry Website

Once you have your list of keywords to target, the next step is updating your web copy to include them. Every webpage you have – from your home page to your list of services – should include these keywords and phrases organically. Headers should also be optimized to feature them. After your website is updated, you can repeat the process with your online business listings, including your Google business account, Facebook page, and so forth. To continue performing well and to keep web crawlers returning to your site, you can also develop web marketing strategy for posting SEO-rich dentistry blogs.  

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