What is SEO traffic?

What is the difference between organic SEO and natural SEO? There’s no difference at all. Organic SEO and natural SEO mean the same thing. It is all about using proper keywords, properly placed backlinks, and interesting blog posts to get your site to the top of the SERPs. If you don’t have any idea about SEO, investing in an expert is invaluable to your business ROI. Just simply investing in Google Adwords can be a sheer waste of money without a strong SEO foundation.

However, non-organic or artificial SEO is considered less appealing and less effective for those who want to run a trustworthy website. Non-organic SEO may yield quicker results, but the effects are not as long-lasting as organic SEO. Artificial SEO focuses on paid advertising (Google Adwords), but it can be expensive and require consistent attention to prevent one’s ranking from dropping. If you are going to invest, either way, you should just go for organic or natural SEO. Here’s why:

How to increase SEO traffic

You might be tempted to stick to non-organic SEO to get immediate results. However, you also need to keep in mind that when you stop paying for their services, your ranking will drop and you will be invisible to many customers. When you go for organic SEO and provide quality content, you will be able to attract more customers. It will remain on your website forever, and you can encourage people to come back for more. You need to provide relevant and consistent content to maintain your rankings, but the post you uploaded years ago can still help you get visitors if you use the right keywords.

Better Conversion Rate

Your website should have valuable content, and it should inspire readers in some way. This takes more time than non-organic SEO, but it increases your chances of getting repeat visitors. There’s no guarantee that paid clicks will get your site a second visit. It is your valuable content that will keep readers coming back again and again. Organic SEO techniques can help you build your brand and gain the trust of readers.

Impact of SEO

When you use organic SEO, your business looks more legitimate to customers. When they input a keyword, the first few results are tagged as being an advertisement. The results on the right-hand column of the page are also labeled as ads. Most people skip over these ads and click the first organic listing they see because they think that it is more likely to provide the value they want.

Organic SEO marketing is usually recommended by digital marketing professionals as a method that uses tactics considered more trustworthy and natural in securing higher rankings. It is inexpensive and focuses on content optimization, image and URL optimization, keyword analysis and link building. Higher rankings are achieved naturally. However, organic SEO can be complicated, and results may take time especially if you don’t seek help from an expert.

SEO is a valuable tool to implement when you want to increase your overall ranking, visibility, and visitor traffic. Non-organic SEO may provide immediate results, but if you are serious about establishing or keeping a reliable reputation online, you are better off adhering to organic SEO. The results are long-lasting.

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