ROI Analysis

Our Search Engine Optimization is NOT For all businesses.

We take the selection of our clients seriously because we take success seriously. Our expertise is in high demand and we would love to work with everyone that requests our help. We take great care in selecting the clients we work with and have a reasonable set of criteria that we require each client to meet in order for us to proceed. We only accept a limited amount of clients to ensure your business receives our maximum attention and ultimately success.

We work with clients who have:

  1. Active, Established, Healthy Businesses.

Our services are for companies that are already established and are simply ready to move at a much more rapid speed and for a longer distance.

We do not work with:

  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Adult Themed Material
  1. You are PRESENT in your market and have a steady flow of leads and customers. You don’t have to own the market, but you’re making a name for yourself; getting consistent traffic, running ads, promoting and selling your services.
  2. A reputable product and reputation. We believe in bringing goodwill and light into the world. Together, we will not only be increasing your sales and profits, but creating an ENORMOUS amount of goodwill in your market.

That’s it! If you meet our requirements above and would like to discuss the results we can deliver for you, then we would love to make time to do so.



First, simply fill out the ROI Analysis Form so we can get the necessary information we need to analyze your online presence and deliver you a proposal. This process usually takes between 5-10 minutes and will help us better understand your business and future goals.


Next, we will go to work researching your company, your competitors, and your overall online presence. Our goal is to help you dominate your competitors, bring in new customers, and deliver you a positive ROI (return on investment) for our SEO Services.


Finally, in approximately 1-4 business days we will send you a website video analysis reviewing your online presence, competitors, and our proposed strategy to improve your Google rankings.

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