Taking the time to understand more about search engine optimization and the value of hiring an SEO specialist can help your business achieve success. It can also be a daunting undertaking. This is especially true for business owners or marketers that don’t have much SEO knowledge. Here are some things to consider.

Do me a favor and conduct a Google search for what to expect from an SEO agency? What do the search engine results pull up? A lot of advertisements with a lot of promises. These promises sound great, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A reputable SEO company will tell you upfront that SEO takes time to produce winning results. The SEO agency will also refuse to give out any guarantees or promises because they know no one can make any promises about how Google search engine results will rank your website. If a SEO firm is promising the stars, be suspicious. SEO is an investment that with time, patience and effective SEO strategies can pay off with massive, long-lasting ROI well past your last payment.

SEO is dynamic. This means it is ongoing and always evolving. Your SEO techniques must also be fluid and ever changing. SEO specialists will continually monitor your website traffic, analyzing the data in the reports to see what is or isn’t working and where to invest more time, energy and funds. The benefit of these SEO companies are both their expert SEO knowledge and the SEO tools that allow them to identify strategies targeting your ideal customer.

How people conduct searches is continually changing, therefore search engines do as well. The search engines constantly collect data in order to meet the vast needs of the searchers. Not only are search engines constantly evolving (via algorithms) to meet the needs of searchers, but also to make sure that the search engine results are as accurate, safe and reliable as possible. This means your business is now responsible to continue working towards growing, achieving or maintaining your website’s ranking. Your site will also have to prove itself to both the search engine and the searchers by providing informative content demonstrating you as a trusted expert in your business niche. Without these two SEO elements, search engines will not keep rewarding your website with organic traffic.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg! There are hundreds of ranking factors but two things are for sure: ongoing, relevant content and continued SEO work are foundational to ranking on Page 1 Google and taking your share of the market.

what does an agency do for me

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

A business has a couple options when it comes to SEO and search engine marketing. They can invest in hiring a digital marketing specialist so the work can be done in-house. This may be a good investment for a company, but many small businesses can’t afford the added cost of a full-time employee. The other option is to invest in a SEO professional that can pull off the same amount of work or even better results for a fraction of the price.

Making an investment in SEO can provide a great ROI, if the SEO company you hire operates in a safe, transparent manner. Unfortunately, SEO companies are not all created equal and many businesses learn the hard way that Cheap SEO can be a costly nightmare. Make sure you hire the best SEO company that spends time getting to know your business, understands your business goals, clearly communicates with you and provides only the safest, white hat SEO. A good SEO company should never offer you a guarantee or contract. Here are four things you can expect from the best SEO companies.


Website Audit | Website Recommendations

An SEO expert will conduct a thorough audit of your site.  If you have any missing pieces that are affecting your site’s ability to rank, your SEO consultant will find, fix and make recommendations. To rank on page One Google there are SEO tactics that are essential to have in proper Google “speak” on your business website. A complete SEO audit is the starting point to making sure that your website can be discovered when your target audience searches.

A website audit investigates your site’s current structure and layout. A strong foundation ensures that search engine bots can easily crawl and read your site. This is also known as technical SEO.

What is Technical SEO?  Technical SEO is the process and elements of optimizing your website in just the right way for the search engines to access, crawl, understand and index your website without problem.


Make Your Website SEO-Friendly | SEO Spiders

Once a complete SEO website audit has been performed the SEO expert will go through a SEO checklist making sure all the technical SEO is solid. This is the second step to getting your website ranked on Page 1 of the search engine results.

search engine optimization checklist

SEO Checklist for website:

  • Meta data
  • Meta tags
  • URL structure
  • Unique, highly-relevant content
  • Breadcrumbs SEO
  • Page load speed
  • Image tagging
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Content design
  • Keywords and keyword optimization

The list above is an example SEO checklist. A site audit will look at your website’s current rankings, keywords and keyword phrases, and conversion rate to give you a snapshot at how healthy your website is and the technical areas that need improvement. The end goal is to make sure search engines crawl and index every web page so it’ll send the right traffic to your site which will then convert into new leads or customers.


On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

Winning SEO strategies always include optimizing on-page and off-page SEO. The best SEO agencies are able to naturally and effectively create SEO-friendliness for both your website and the website’s that point to your site.

A SEO expert will design search engine marketing strategies to launch your off-page SEO while also maximizing your content marketing and other inbound marketing campaigns. This will draw quality backlinks to your site and boost traffic and authority.

Fact: Google no longer awards sites that have masses of low-quality backlinks. While quantity over quality used to matter, the reverse is now true. Low quality, spammy backlinks can now affect your search result rankings or worse draw a penalty. Make sure to hire a white hat SEO company and never be afraid to ask questions!

Your SEO technician will also recommend on-page SEO content. This content will be new, fresh, relevant and be SEO optimized for friendliness. Even taking the time to optimize old content can refresh and enhance your overall online marketing strategy. A safe SEO company will be able to determine valuable keywords to write relevant content, in turn boosting rankings and attracting your ideal buyer.


Relevant Content

Content, content, content. Content is King! Each new page of content published on your website, is crawled by the search engines. These search engine spiders (or bots) are highly intelligent having the ability to measure technical ranking factors and data. The spiders determine how a page will rank. Publishing fresh, relevant content on a regular basis is one of the most useful techniques a company can use to boost their SEO success. Relevant content that is written with safe SEO will both speak well with the search engine spiders and help you establish lead building efforts and long-term relationships with potential customers or clients. Not all SEO companies offer content writing services, but they can still help you plan and execute a powerful content marketing strategy.

Note: Content is also vital for off-page SEO. This content may come in the form of directory listings, guest posting, video marketing and press releases to name a few.


How to Choose the Right SEO Companywhat can seo do for me

When finding a SEO service provider, your initial instinct is to want a guarantee. Warranties instill confidence in any buyer for any product or service. However as we discussed earlier, in the world of SEO, guarantees should always raise a red flag.

SEO Promises that you can count on: Timely reports and improvements in the status of the current site.

SEO Promises that should raise a red flag: Guarantees of traffic and promised rankings.

Here is the truthful reality. SEO has an unbeatable ROI, but there are too many ranking factors completely out of the control of even the best SEO consultants. Any professional making you a guarantee is most likely using unsafe, unethical black hat tactics. Black hat SEO may work in the short term, but it is always temporary and often results in a Google penalty. A Google penalty is a fortune to reverse and sometimes it isn’t even possible.


Other factors to consider when hiring a good SEO firm:

  • Can the SEO company show results or case studies from past clients?
  • Do they require a long-term contract? (red flag)
  • How often do you receive transparent updates and reporting?
  • What other digital marketing services are available?


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