On-Page, Off-Page, Structure, Optimization, Data…..blah, blah, blah. You are so confused your head hurts and you don’t even know if any of this search engine optimization talk really works! Yet you are still here because you know your competition is on Page 1, so they must be doing something you are not. In this blog we provide a framework to help you understand how SEO works. Yes, despite the complexities of search engine marketing, SEO really does work and that is why you are still intrigued and want to understand it.

All the business websites on Page 1 of Google have to be doing something the same, right? It just can’t be sheer luck, can it? These websites are all providing their ideal customers and Google with an array of different information that generates their readers’ trust, establishes authority in their niche and contains relevant features that connect their site with other “popular kids” on the “worldwideweb”. Duplicating these proven strategies will get your site to a Page 1 ranking for the keywords and phrases that people search for when they are shopping for a product or service like you offer.

why does my website need off page seo?

On-Page Off-Page SEO Difference

Understand SEO with these 3 parts

Off-page SEO

focuses mainly on your site’s authority.  This is accomplished by building links that come directly to your site from other websites that also have authority. These links are natural links coming from relevant, high-authority sites. These links end up creating a web of communications that look like a spider web. This is how the “worldwide web” got its name. Successfully generating these links triggers Google to build trust and authority with your business site.


On-page SEO

is all about your webpage(s). Is your website easy to navigate, have relevant, well-written content, have good keywords and keyword placements that flow naturally? Does your website clearly educate your potential customers and have solutions to their needs? Is it clear that you are an expert in your business niche? Your message must be clear and consistent while educating and solving a problem.


Technical SEO

While the “worldwide web” looks like a web, it is the search engine spiders that “crawl” your website. These spiders index your content and record the content in massive databases. These spiders record schema markup, page loading speed and other technical ranking factors.


What Do Off-Page Links Do for My Site?

Current data shows that off-page links account for 50% of the ranking weight factor! FIFTY PERCENT! With search algorithms constantly evolving, one thing is clear: Google algorithms get better and better at proving that a site is relevant to its niche and topic. This means the website can be trusted as an authority in its’ industry and Google will keep getting better at proving this.

Backlinking is the process of building and acquiring links to a website from other high-authority websites. This is the core mechanism of off-page SEO. Anyone can buy or make backlinks, but the key is quality over quantity. Quality backlinks prove that the site they point to is relevant and trusted in their niche. A website that has a diverse array of high-quality backlinks in their profile will rank higher than a website with low-quality links. Search engines reward quality over quantity.

What makes a quality backlink? Links that are built with a variety of anchor texts and are both strong and natural.

types of link building

Types of Backlinks

3 types:

  • Natural links come to the website freely. You or your SEO consultant does absolutely nothing for these types of links. For example, if your photography studio does amazing work, a photography blogger may write an article on it and include a link back to your business website.
  • Manual links are a product of hard work.  Your SEO agency will do link-building strategies that drive traffic to your website. One tactic is publishing, fresh, content to your site and asking people to share your material.
  • Self-built links are brand building techniques. Making sure to be found in all niche-related directories, interacting in forums and blogs with helpful information, press releases, videos, images and article contributions.

Again, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. Don’t waste time obtaining links from low equity sites. You want to hang out with the popular kids. When these sites recommend you, they will help make your website popular too. You want strong signals from the best sites.

What makes a site popular?

  • Trusted
  • Relevant to business niche
  • Authoritative
  • Up-to-date content
  • High relevant and targeted keywords and phrases
  • Strong links = DA (domain authority)


Other Off-Page SEO Activities 

Other forms of off-page SEO include actively pursuing social media marketing by actively participating in forums, PPC, producing relevant video marketing content on YouTube or Vimeo and the frequency of how often you write blog articles or contribute high quality content as a guest blogger. Creating a “buzz” around your business site in local or national venues or with other influencers can provide a lot of benefit.

human factor in seo

The Human Factor in SEO 

Remember that links often rely on human behavior. When people love your brand, product or service, they will tell the world about it. The same happens when the reverse is true. This happens naturally and translates into free traffic.  Natural reviews on sites such as Yelp and Facebook are some of the most valuable real estate you can have, translating into new customers.


What Results Will I Get With Expert Off-Page SEO?

Hiring an expert SEO company is the best way to grow and reach your business goals. When safe SEO is done properly, it integrates on-page optimized SEO content, expert technical SEO, and off-page linking and marketing strategies. This creates a complete package and you can expect:

  • Verifiable Ranking results: Being able to watch your website rankings move upward in the search engine results for each of your targeted keywords until you find your site on Page One.
  • Verifiable Traffic results: For every keyword that reaches Page One rankings, more and more traffic will reach your website. When your main keywords reach Page 1, nearly 40% of all the people who conduct a search for that specific keyword will visit your website.
  • Verifiable ROI results: Data proves that every person who clicks on your website, 2%-5% (low estimate) will convert into a paying customer or client. This additional business is due to better visibility, creating a massive ROI.

Page One businesses, enjoy more visitors, resulting in more time on the site, scheduling appointments, sending email requests or calling your phone helping keep your website on top for a long time after you stop paying for SEO services.

Now that is an ROI that can’t be beat.

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