If you’re a business owner you are always looking for the most efficient way to bring in new business. At some point you have come across SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a combination of researching relevant terms (aka keywords) and increasing the authority of your website by getting other relevant websites to talk  about your website. So, why is this important as a business owner?

  1. SEO pulls in more traffic that is more likely to convert. Why? Because when it’s done properly, your website will show up for keywords that the people interested in your product of services are looking for. This gives you a higher conversion rate. They are seeking you out and are already interested.
  2. Top SEO rankings provide 24/7 promotion. Your website is never closed. It’s always working for you.
  3. SEO is more cost-effective than Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Once you’re website is ranked, you will not have a need to pay for PPC. However, since SEO takes anywhere from 6-12 months, PPC can help you get leads more quickly. Once your website is ranked, the need for PPC diminishes.
  4. Your competitors are using SEO. They are taking business that could be yours so you need to get with the program.
  5. SEO is an asset. It’s like having online real estate. If you ever choose to sell your business, the better your website is ranked gives your business more value.

SEO can be super technical and confusing. Leave it to the pros and book a discovery call now.