What is SEO?

If you’re a business owner you are always looking for the most efficient way to bring in new business. At some point you have come across SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a combination of researching relevant terms (aka keywords) and increasing the authority of your website by getting other relevant websites to talk about your website. Why is this important as a business owner?

Each day more than 2 million searches take place on Google just for the term “SEO”. Every day, people conduct more than 2 million searches on Google for the term “SEO,” which stands for search engine optimization. Google likes it when websites do just the write things on and off their page. When your website does all the right things, Google takes notice and rewards your website by where it ranks it in the search engines. Mastering SEO the way Google wants it done, will land your website on Page 1. When a person searches for a business or service like yours, “BAM” there you are waiting right on Page One. Three of the most important components of SEO are safe, relevant links to and from other websites, proper usage of effective keywords and high quality content.


SEO Basics for Business Owners

When you type the words “HVAC Columbus OH” into the Google search box, Google displays ten results for that search. You might skip the Home Advisor or Angie’s List, more and more people are, and click on one of the real HVAC companies on Page 1. Do you even take time to look at the business listed on page 2 or beyond? Most likely, not. The companies on any page may offer the same quality of product or work, but the quality of their SEO isn’t the same. What does this mean for the business owner not on page 1? A significant loss of revenue because their page isn’t getting visited nearly as much as those on Page One.

Your business needs to show up on Page 1 to reap the benefits of the people searching daily for their product or service. The only way to do that effectively and efficiently is to optimize your website with SEO techniques.

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How does SEO benefit your business website?

In a nutshell, SEO strategies done right move your website higher in the search rankings making it easier to locate when a person searches for a product or service your business provides. It is a digital marketing strategy that creates a long-term solution to increasing potential customers to your website.


SEO Techniques that Optimize Your Website

First and foremost, writing a good amount of high-quality content to showcase your business and to inform your potential customers about your service or product will improve your ranking.

Second is building keywords into your content. For example, “Hair salon Asheville NC” is called a keyword or key phrase. By putting this keyword into your title, and using natural variations of it in other parts of your content, you are “optimizing” your page to be found when people type in that keyword.

The third technique is building hyperlinks to and from your website with other highly relevant websites in your business niche, as well as adding links between your own web pages and blog posts, which gives you trusted connections that improve the ranking of your website.


Three Main Elements of SEOelements for seo success


1) High Quality Content

You’ve heard that “content is King” and there is some truth in that. However, any content won’t do. High quality content written with SEO in mind is the true “QUEEN”. Content is information to those searching, but we live in a world that doesn’t spend a lot of time reading. High quality content is no longer written as just a priority for the reader, but for Google. Don’t get me wrong, it is the way you education and entertain your prospective customers, identifying needs and pain points your service or product can solve. However, Google rewards those who do it well. That reward? Higher search engine ranking.

Search engines match the highest quality content with the keywords people are actively searching. Having a strong SEO strategy in place to keep your website fresh and optimized is essential. Having an SEO copywriter is invaluable.


2) Keywords — It is the language of the people and SEO speak

Search engine track everything; exact words, exact phrases, even keyword fumbles. It keeps an accurate snapshot of what people are searching to know and learn more about. The great news about all this information being tracked is that is it also accessible for businesses to take advantage of. Creating a comprehensive list of the keywords and phrases people are searching for is the first step in the process. A thorough list allows an SEO expert to develop a solid foundation to build your SEO content strategy on. URL’s, titles, meta tags, and content will all benefit from a strong understanding of keyword strategy.


3) Link Building – Safe, Effective and Natural

Link building is the process of building or obtaining links from sites that Google trusts that relate to your business niche and/or website. These links create a trusted web, promoting your website via other websites. Ultimately, the more trusted the web of links, the more value and trust your website will be assigned by Google.

Google identifies creating high-quality links as an incredibly strong ranking factor. However, it is a very difficult process that takes time and expertise SEO consultants do. Find an SEO professional who creates safe, effective and natural links. This takes time and patience but pays off ten-fold.


Should I Hire an SEO Agency for My Business?

Well, it depends. Are you happy with where you are at? Do you have goals of generating more business? Are you motivated to claim your share of the market available to you? If the answer is, yes, then you can’t afford not to hire an SEO agency. It is essential to boost your website’s visibility and ranking. Doing so nearly guarantees increased revenue. It takes time, expertise and vast knowledge. However, good SEO builds a nearly unshakable foundation that will serve your business for years to come. It is one of the most promising ROI your business can invest in.


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