SEO and content optimization have a mutual relationship, but they are not the same. Search engine optimization or SEO is all about making your website rank higher for relevant terms. SEO uses include different strategies, including using local keywords, maintaining a solid social media presence, optimizing on-page elements and link building. These strategies work together to improve the ranking of certain pages on your website.


Content Optimization


Content optimization, on the other hand, is all about optimizing content to inform people about you and your brand. You start off with a keyword and discuss the topic about that keyword very well. Search engines crawl and index content on your website. Content is not just limited to articles. It can also be in the form of videos, images, podcasts, and infographics. In other words, SEO is all about keywords that help in ranking a website naturally. Content optimization makes use of those keywords to help get your site recognized and ranked. It allows you to show that you are an expert in your niche and/or field.

If you want to stand out, you have to work hard. This means looking for keywords that apply to your brand. You have to find short as well as long-tail keywords and incorporate them in your content. Remember to avoid keyword stuffing. It’s when you pack your site with phrases or keywords without a logical sentence structure. You have to use the keywords naturally.

It’s also important that you link between your pages (inner page links) and to other websites (outbound links). The title of your videos, podcasts, and infographics can also act as keywords. Your content should be something that will attract visitors and encourage them to come back for more. If you think people are not sharing or liking your content, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. You can use a keyword research tool or work with an expert to make things easier for you. It is also important that you create relevant content. Here’s how you can do it.


Relevant Content Marketing


Identifying Keywords

  • Determine the goals and purpose of your content. Choose the keywords your page will focus on. Start out with the most important pages.


SEO Targeting

  • Determine your target audience and what they want. Implement SEO targeting by placing those keywords with similar content in one group. Look at the top ten search results for your selected keyword and see the topics they cover. Find out what those keywords mean and how they cover the topic in a comprehensive manner.


Content Creation Strategy

  • After learning the intent of your target audience, you have to build content around that and create other topics with related content. You can begin with one pillar article that talks about this topic broadly and then link out articles that discuss the topic in depth. Cover all relevant angles.


Optimizing your content also includes A/B-testing as well as improving the user interface and user experience. Content optimization helps search engines understand your purpose and helps you provide your target audience with better content. Understanding the reason behind a query and creating comprehensive content around that can help you attract more visitors and improve your website ranking.

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