Add My Business to Google Maps

Adding your business to Google Maps is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site. You should take advantage of the fact that 30% of mobile searches are associated with locations. Google Maps allows customers to quickly find what they need. It makes your business more visible as well. If you’re still not convinced, here are other reasons why adding your business to Google Maps is a good idea.


Benefits of Google My Business


Free Advertising for You

Adding your business to Google Maps won’t cost you a single cent. This is particularly beneficial for business with limited funds. Having your business listed on Google Maps allows you to promote it without spending anything.


Instant Google My Business Updates

All changes made in your Google My Business account are displayed online within minutes. Customers are always updated about the latest offerings from your business.


Rank Higher in Google

When your business appears on the first page of SERPs, your website is more likely to get visits. You are also more likely to get phone calls.


Easy Access to Information

Customers use Google to find what they need. When your business shows up on Google Maps, they will easily see important information about your business such as your contact number, driving directions, business hours and reviews.

Google Maps listings also allow customers to review businesses. This can improve your Google Maps ranking and give you important feedback about your business. Encourage customers to write a review and rate your business on Google Maps. Satisfied customers will provide great testimonials and ratings, which will help attract more potential customers to your business.

It is also important that you review and update your business information from time to time to guarantee its accuracy. If you have changed your contact number, you should update it. You don’t want your customers to end up with nothing when they call you. Check your business name, address, category and operating hours. You should also make sure that your website URL is correct and that the place marker is in the right location. Fix any piece of information that’s already obsolete or no longer accurate. Neglecting this might cost you potential clients.


How to Get on Google Maps

Now, how you can add your business to Google Maps? First, go to “Google My Business” and click “Claim Now”. Input your business address and name in the search box. If it doesn’t appear, choose “Add your Business” and input the required information. Pick a “Category” that defines your business and submit.

Finally, you have to verify your business. Google will send a postcard to your location. The postcard has the verification PIN that you need to use to complete the verification process. You can also choose to receive your PIN through an automated phone call or text message. After completing the verification process, you can now set up a Google My Business page. It’s the first step in local SEO. If you want to be found online, you should prioritize this.

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